What you can do

Would you like to support Friends of SSN Mongolia with a financial contribution?

Download HERE the authorization form, fill it in, save the completed form and email it to

Of course you can also print and fill the form and send it to:
Stichting Vrienden van SSN, Griftdijk Zuid 91, 6663 BC Lent.

You will always receive a confirmation email from Friends of SSN Mongolia.

You can also donate using PayPal

or to following bank account:

Account name: Stichting vrienden van SSN Mongoliƫ
Account number: IBAN : NL68 RBRB 0851 4046 69
Bank name: Regiobank
BIC code: RBRBNL21

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Friends of Source of Steppe Nomads has acquired funds in the Netherlands since 2008. These funds are for the most part donated by individuals and members of the Christian community in Bennekom. Even though they are not individually mentioned here, we would like to express our gratitude for their annual donations, without which we could not have achieved so much for the shepherds and steppe nomads in Mongolia.